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Private Dining at Home

Delicious food cooked in your home by your Private Chef

Feel inspired by our new menus and experiences and treat yourself to a Private Dinner Party.

Who – you and your favourite people, a Private Chef and a Personal Waiter

Where – in the comfort and safety of your own home

What – incredible food cooked by one of our handpicked Private Chefs

Why – because all we all need to relax and enjoy ourselves with our loved ones.

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What a Year 2019 Was

Our appreciation

We wanted to write a few words to show our appreciation for every aspect of 2019.

So good to meet great people

We met some fantastic PA’s, House Managers and direct Clients that enabled us to find it easier to reach out to the correct chefs for some fantastic private roles both in the uk and overseas. Having as much information on the role, family, their preferences and daily routines helps no end and our contacts for the families have been extremely helpful with this. We pride ourselves on meeting with every candidate that we register and one of the most important aspects of what we do is matching personalities, the more knowledge we can gain from the PA’s and House Managers the better. It excites us to know we have helped our fantastic candidates successfully find their perfect role. We love to stay in touch with them and hearing how well they fit in and enjoy their job is just the best.
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A Career in Catering – Private Chefs

How private chefs have transformed a mundane career into a lucrative sought after one.
When you first think of the job of a chef you imagine long hours and split shifts, where after lunch the chef has a small break for 15-30 minutes before getting back to evening service, dreading the thought of a gruelling evening of sweat and intense pressure, shouting and big egos in the kitchen, low wages, struggling to eat as they are sickened by the sight of food. The end of service leaving them feeling deflated, exhausted and smelling of foisty foods in desperate need of a few hours sleep before the 6am start doing it all over again the next day.

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Equilibrium Wellness Retreats

Exciting New Venture.

We are collaborating with two ‘old’ friends, who in their fields are at the top of their games.  Sam in fitness, nutrition and supplementation and Kate in yoga,  healing, mindfulness and massage.

We are teaming up to bring you exclusive luxury wellness retreats, which incorporate the three main factors that make up our well being, fitness, diet and mindfulness.  You will gain a knowledge of how to live a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally.
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Nespresso anyone?

 Nespresso is taking over

It seems like Nespresso is trying to take over the coffee world and they are making a big effort to do so. The marketing is fantastic, helped by being glamourised by gorgeous famous people like George Clooney. Their stores are elite looking and the customer is drawn in by the prospect of being a member of the ‘club’. It is indeed a fantastic business model and for this it is the industries market leading brand.
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Michelin Starred Restaurants – Not Chefs!

I get asked a lot what a chef or restaurant actually has to do/be to gain a Michelin star so here are a few facts to clear it up…

It might be hard to believe but there isn’t such thing as a Michelin starred chef, it’s the restaurant that holds the star(s) not the chef. It’s a team of chefs that work at a restaurant not just the head chef so collectively they contribute to the restaurant gaining a star.
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A chef isn’t just for Christmas!

It’s a stressful time

The Christmas period can be overwhelming to say the least! All the presents and food shopping, meeting friends and family, decorating the house, it can be a busier time at work also for some of us – just adding to the stress!

Harper Fine Dining and Harper Chef Specialists have become more and more aware of the desire/need for hiring a private chef at this time of year allowing yourself to sit back and enjoy the festivities.
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